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form and function... on this sculpture the books are hollow and the frog is a lid

I love making things, when I'm creating something the worries of the world melt away.

A bit of inspiration

Peer at this pair of pears

When I started taking ceramics classes I met a woman named Lee, she made lots of pears. She told me that people reflect the shapes of their own bodies in their work and that's why she made pears. She taught me to make rattles and some other techniques. Honestly though the pear shape forms the bodies of many of my creatures.

About Me

2018 marks my 3rd year participating in the Phoenix Festival of the Arts, it's the only art show I currently participate in but maybe one day I will expand. Although my work at the festival is all ceramics I also enjoy drawing, cooking, photography and Improv.


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Do you need some quirky artwork for your home, let me know, I've done special requests for drawings, sculptures, and even a large paper mache sculpture. If 

Saving Inky

Phoenix, Arizona, United States

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